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About Our School

Delhi Public School, Gurdaspur is one of the best schools of the area. Affiliated to CBSE, it is a private institution started by the Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi. Established in district Gurdaspur, in the year 2012, it is a co-educational day School educating students from Pre-Nursery to Grade XII, located on Behrampur Road, Gurdaspur.

The school offers a lavish infrastructure with all modern amenities. The objective of the school is to foster holistic development of students by imparting education through practical exercises and activities, making learning enjoyable and realistic.

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Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

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Meet The Team


Mrs. Renu Kaushal

Pro-Vice Chairperson

Thank the parents, kids, teachers, management.

Highlight the achievements of the school.

Msg of positivity and togetherness.


Dear Parents,

It gives me a great joy to usher in session 2021-22 with heartfelt warmth.  Last year has been an extraordinary year, and DPS parents, students, teachers, and management went above and beyond what I thought was humanly possible. I want to take a moment to thank each one of you- a daunting task in the darkness of an untrodden path and you all showed it seems impossible until it’s done!

DPS teachers made impossible possible with their courage, hope, and unparalleled positivity. One can only imagine creating and redoing existing resources for online learning, creating new lessons for a virtual and condensed format, researching and developing methods to engage our students in an online format, creating resources to replace textbooks, redesigning tests for evaluation, engaging parents, and so much more.

DPS students showed great resilience, looked at the challenge in its eye, and followed their teachers on a path for success. I have seen children happily dancing and singing during online classes. I have seen students actively participating in lessons and class discussions. I am encouraged by the contagious courage and optimism the DPS students have, and I am very proud of you all!

DPS parent community has made a lot of sacrifices to make all this happen. I can only imagine how parents must be multi-tasking to support their children, and adapting to the new system of online learning. You all should pat your back because you all did the best you could for your kids.  It was not planned, it was not easy, it was tiring, it was stressful- but you all made the impossible possible.

I would specially like to thank Ms Jyotsna Lakhawat who anticipated and visualized the pandemic, teaching teachers and students to go online with a planned early distribution of text books. We went online on the 18th of march for the first time and the lockdown was implemented on the 24 of March 2020 .... making us perhaps the first school in India to go online!

At the moment, none of us knows what the future holds, but I am happy that we will be doing it together and build on our success story. I wish the DPS Gurdaspur community a successful school year.


Best Wishes

Mrs. Renu Kaushal

Pro Vice Chairperson



Ms. Karamjot Kaur

As members of the Delhi Public School Society, our vision is to enable our pupils to ‘find their remarkable’, achieving the highest personal and academic standards. Our vision is underpinned by the values of resilience, respect and responsibility; ensuring that our pupils are well equipped to succeed and thrive at DPS and beyond. We believe that instilling a 'Growth Mindset' in our students will allow them to unlock their full potential. By removing preconceptions about their abilities, the children can grow their intelligence and through effort and hard work they can truly achieve ’remarkable’ things. At DPS, we celebrate success, dedication and hard work through whole school celebrations, termly assemblies and House awards.

Throughout their time at DPS, your child will access a rigorous knowledge-rich curriculum including a regular diet of core subjects (English, Maths and Science), the Arts, Information Technology, Humanities, Physical Education. Education at DPS is also centered on the successful partnership between the school, pupils, parents/guardians and the wider community. Through our ethos and values we offer a variety of learning experiences as well as a real sense of community. Our House system and Student Leadership programme offers further opportunities for personal development.

In addition to our state-of-the-art building and numerous specialist spaces, we make the most of the latest technology available to enhance the learning; including the use of the Google Education platform. Our digital learning platform is cloud-based, designed to support learning beyond the classroom, enabling pupils to access the world beyond DPS. 


With warm Regards

Karamjot Kaur


Family Members

The teaching staff at Delhi Public School Gurdaspur comprises of reputed & experienced. They are regularly trained by DPSS and CBSE .

Our Members...
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