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Foundation Stage:

The foundational stage, which covers Pre-primary till Grade 2, will consist of play or activity-based learning with a focus on good behaviors, courtesy, ethics, personal and public hygiene, teamwork and cooperation, etc.

 Preparatory Stage:

The preparatory stage, which covers Grades 3 to 5, will transition gradually from play-based learning to more formal but interactive classroom learning. It will lay a solid groundwork across subjects, including reading, writing, speaking, physical education, art, languages, science, and mathematics.

 Middle Stage:

The Middle Stage, which covers Grades 6 to 8, will see a greater focus on subject learning and discussion of more abstract concepts in subjects like sciences, mathematics, arts, social sciences, and artificial intelligences.

 Secondary Stage:

The High School (or Secondary) Stage, which covers Grades 9 to 12, will comprise four years of multidisciplinary study, building on the subject-oriented style but with greater depth, greater critical thinking, greater attention to life aspirations, and greater flexibility and student choice.


The High School Stage may also allow exposure to more subjects and enable greater flexibility and more frequent assessments.

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