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           Ms. Renu Kaushal
       (Pro-Vice Chairperson)

           Ms. Karamjot Kaur

Delhi Public School Gurdaspur involves your child in a holistic learning experience and offers every window of opportunity – be it academic or co-curricular. Each learners is encouraged to hone their talents and is provided a proper platform for development. DPS Gurdaspur is global in approach and ensures that latest technologies are deployed for learning on physical, mental and spiritual planes.Our curriculum, centred on the Syllabus prescribed by the NCERT/CBSE, focuses on the individual needs of learners. We wish to nurture global citizens of the 21st  century, who will be alert and responsive to vital issues in their own time and space.To recognize and enable individual endeavour, we have continual evaluation, following a grading system highlighting effort as well as achievement at the Primary level. In the Middle and Senior School, we will prepare learners and students to appear for the CBSE Board Examinations in a stress free environment, conducive to maximum realisation of individual potential, through regular and spaced out weekly tests, periodic examinations and term examinations.Apart from targeting good physical health and hygiene for our children, our focus is on learning the importance of team spirit, healthy competition and the ability to deal with setbacks as well as triumphs. We also allow a wide range of creative activities engaging the Multiple Intelligences as specified by Howard Gardner, so that every child not only gets the opportunity to develop a specific aptitude, but also the arena to trial varied potential abilities, thus transferring weaknesses into strengths.

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