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Music & Dance Studio

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The arena where sounds become music and create a therapeutic impact on the young developing Dipsites. The students under the guidance of trained professional get to explore various musical instruments like keyboard, Congo, Drum set, Violin, Guitar, Tabla, Harmonium, melodica, Marcus, triangle, and cymbals. The students also receive training to develop their singing and vocal skills as well.

The performing arts are given great emphasis as it is the aim of our budding musicians and dancers at DPS Gurdaspur to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of India. We wish to explore the aesthetic and spiritual mainspring of Indian classical and folk dance as well as of Eastern, Western, instrumental and vocal music.

Our teachers simplify the language of music to make it more attractive to young learners. You can learn what you understand – and thus begins a lifelong love affair.

The basis for Indian Music is sangeet which is a combination of three art forms - :

  • Vocal Music

  • Instrumental music

  • Dance

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